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      CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd.

        CNGR Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (SZ300919), established in September 2014, is a professional, comprehensive service provider of advanced energy materials for lithium batteries.
        We have entered into strategic cooperation with dozens of famous enterprises in China and overseas. Our core products are high voltage cobalt oxid, high nickel NCM and NCA, are among the high-end supply chains of the world’s top 500 enterprises in China, Europe, America, Japan and Korea. Our products are widely used in 3C digital field, power field and energy storage field. For two consecutive years in 2020 and 2021, our ternary precursor and cobalt oxide shipments and exports ranked first in the world.

      • 600+

        Technical talents

      • 176Thousand Ton

        Annual shipments

      • 15Billion U.S. dollar

        Import and export

        Domestically, we have four industrial bases in the west (Tongren, Guizhou), central (Changsha, Hunan), south (Qinzhou, Guangxi) and Kaiyang (Guiyang, Guizhou), covering the whole country. Overseas, we have built a raw material base in Indonesia and planned an international industrial base, covering Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

        We have always been focusing on R&D innovation and the development of advanced energy materials, and continuously increase R&D investment and consider high nickel and low cobalt Full Series of NCM Precursor, high voltage cobalt oxide, comprehensive recycling, raw material smelting and material manufacturing equipment as the main R&D direction. Meanwhile, we actively lay out the phosphorus-iron, manganese and sodium technology lines to create diversified, customised, rapid and mass-produced technical services and industrialised applications to lead the industry in technological innovation.

      • CNGR shares officially listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange

        December 23, 2020

        Stock code


        In the future, we will always be committed to developing advanced energy. We will be based on technological innovation and product quality, constantly deliver green energy to society, shoulder the social responsibility of energy recycling, and become the world’s most valuable comprehensive service provider of advanced energy.

      Development path
      • In 2021.12


        CNGR's southern industrial base officially put into operation, and the company entered the era of "three-base production."

      • In 2021.04


        April 2021 The CNGR New Materials Indonesia project team set out to Indonesia, a key step of CNGR's drive to internationalize and secure resources.

      • In 2021.03


        March 2021 CNGR New Materials Southern Industrial Base project officially commenced.

      • In 2020


        The company successfully listed, stock code: 300919

      • In 2019


        The company completed the shareholding system reformation and officially changed its name to CNGR New Materials Co., Ltd.; The Circular Science and Technology Park of CNGR New Materials Western Industrial Base was officially put into production.

      • In 2018


        The central industrial base of CNGR New Materials was The central industrial base of CNGR New Materials was officially put into production. Driven by the rapid development of the new energy automobile market, the enterprise development entered the fast lane.

      • In 2017


        The company continued to develop in the new energy fields among the seven national strategic emerging industries, expanded the recycling businesses, and started the construction of the recycling science and technology park project in the western industrial base.

      • In 2016


        Actively explore the international market, participate in the global industrial chain division, and its products successfully rank among several top 500 high-end supply chains in the world.

      • In 2015


        The western industrial base of CNGR was officially put into production, and the grand blueprint of the company's layout began to show.

      • In 2014


        CNGR New Materials Co., Ltd. was established and vigorously introduced high-end international talents to start the globalization strategy.

      • In 2013


        CNGR officially entered the field of new materials by investing in Hunan Haina New Materials Co., Ltd., which has independent key technologies of cobaltosic oxide and ternary precursors.

      • In 2012


        The group identified new energy materials as the leading industry.

      • In 2000


        The Corp's business gradually focused on the field of new energy.

      • In 1995


        Chairman Deng Weiming started his business and set up the first company.


      CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd. has won multiple national ministries, commissions, national technology centers, and national associations Issuing certification and technology awards

      Social responsibilities
      Friendship link CNGR group
      Contact us

      Public mailbox:cngr@cngrgf.com.cn
      Address:New Energy Industrial Park in Western China, Dalong Economic Development Zone, Yuping county, Tongren city, Guizhou

      CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
      Technical Support:Jingwang Smart Win  Sitemap  Business license

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