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      Spreading CNGR Culture and Displaying Brand Image

      Vigorous Development?Promising Prospects Lu Xinshe, party secretary of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, has investigated the southern industrial base of CNGR

      2021-09-09 Pageviews:1521

        On the morning of September 7, Lu Xinshe, secretary of the Party Committee of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and director of the Standing Committee of the Regional People's Congress, visited the southern industrial base of CNGR New Materials for research. Xu Yongke, Secretary of Qinzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Party Working Committee of Qinzhou Port Area of Free Trade Zone, Wang Xiongchang, Mayor of Qinzhou City and Director of Management Committee of Qinzhou Port Area of Free Trade Zone, Yang Bin, Member of Standing Committee of Qinzhou Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Director of Management Committee of Qinzhou Port Area of Free Trade Zone, Deng Weiming, Chairman and President of CNGR New Materials, Hu Peihong, Executive Vice General Manager of CNGR New Materials Southern Industrial Base and other leaders accompanied the research.

        On the morning of the same day, after arriving at The South Industrial Base of CNGR New Materials by car, the delegation made a field survey of the construction progress of the first phase of the industrial base and watched the enterprise publicity video to learn about the specific situation of CNGR in R&D, manufacturing, sales and operation.

        Lu Xinshe fully affirmed the outstanding achievements made by CNGR in the industry in recent years, and encouraged all the cadres and staff of CNGR to closely combine the actual situation of Qinzhou, strengthen confidence, and strive to achieve the annual construction and management goals and tasks, and boost the high-quality economic and social development.

       Strengthening Confidence
        We will keep R&D and innovation as our core competitiveness

        "What is your layout here, and what is the quality of life for your employees?" Just got off the bus, looking at the workshop in full swing construction, lu Xinshe asked with concern.

        "The park refers to the most scientific and advanced design and planning ideas in the world and is designed by CNGR ourselves, covering the latest concepts of chemical and material manufacturing industries." Chairman Deng Weiming introduced that with the continuous progress of the construction work, more and more employees from all over the country and even the world came to Qinzhou to jointly boost the development of the southern industrial base.

        "This is the first industrial base we have established in Guangxi, and the third industrial base we have deployed nationwide, following Tongren in Guizhou and Changsha in Hunan." Hu Peihong, who was in charge of explanation, replied to the inquiry of Lu Xinshe about the industrial layout of CNGR, that after careful planning, the southern industrial base will be quickly settled and constructed in Beibu Gulf, and officially put into operation at the end of this year.

        "What is the core competitiveness of CNGR products and how to ensure the supply of raw materials?" Lu Xinshe asked from time to time as he examined the product samples neatly placed on the booth.

        "Last year, the market share of our two core products -- terpolymer precursors and cobalt tetroxide -- was 23% and 26% respectively, and the overseas market accounted for more than 40%, leading the export volume in the world. All this is due to our unremitting pursuit of technology." Deng Weiming responded.

        "As an important material for preparing lithium-ion batteries, precursors play a key role in energy density, cycle times, service life and other properties of batteries. CNGR New Materials cooperates with many universities around the world to create a state-level scientific research platform, master advanced technology and use high standards to process raw materials such as nickel and cobalt, and produce positive material precursors with excellent performance and market competitiveness." Deng Weiming said.

        Developing in the Long Run
        There is much to be done in asean integration for development

        Lu Xinshe pointed out that Beibu Gulf is becoming a core demonstration area to implement General Secretary Xi Jinping's new mission of "Three Positioning" and "Five Solid" requirements of Guangxi with the gradual promotion of the "One Belt and One Road" initiative, which will drive the development of the whole autonomous region in the future. CNGR should seize the opportunity to become the big brother of the new energy material manufacturing industry in the autonomous region, and strive to promote the development of the industrial chain in Qinzhou, the gathering place of the global new energy industry in the future.

        "You are right to choose Qinzhou for project construction. If you want to develop vigorously, you will have a promising future!" Lu Xinshe encourages all CNGR cadres and staff to make full use of the unique advantages of ASEAN market, seize the opportunities of industry development, plan the sustainable development of the enterprise, seek progress in stability, seek excellence in progress, and run a new Qinzhou acceleration on the track of high-quality development of new energy materials industry.
        "We need to speed up at the start and compete at the beginning." Luxinshe said, with CNGR settled in Qinzhou, Guangxi, governments at all levels should work with enterprises to open up a new pattern of development.
        Deng Weiming said that CNGR will unswervingly implement the internationalization strategy of "taking a global view and promoting Guangxi", and all staff will develop in a larger scale, faster speed and higher quality under the strong leadership of the Party Committee and the board of directors of the company.

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