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      Aiming at carbon neutrality and marching towards the world CNGR New Materials held a work summary meeting for the first half of 2021 Great CNGR New Materials

      2021-07-19 Pageviews:1443

        On the morning of July 18, CNGR New Materials held a work summary meeting for the first half of 2021. The meeting comprehensively summarized the work of the first half of the year and made arrangements for the next work focus. At the meeting, Deng Weiming, chairman and president of CNGR New Materials, delivered an important speech with the theme of "The Long March in the Carbon Neutral Era", mobilizing and leading all CNGR people with firm confidence and active actions, always striving to create a new situation for the development of CNGR in the carbon neutral era.

        Wu Xiaoge, executive vice president of CNGR New Materials, and nearly 300 management cadres and business backbone from various centers and bases attended the meeting. Tao Wu, Vice President of CNGR New Materials, Liao Hengxing, assistant president and secretary of the board of Directors of CNGR New Materials, Hu Peihong, executive deputy general manager of Southern Industrial Base of CNGR New Materials, Peng Wanhong, general manager of Human Resource Center of CNGR New Materials made presentations.

        At the beginning of the conference, Liao Hengxing reviewed and forecast the comprehensive performance of CNGR in the first half of 2021. He pointed out in the report, in the first half of this year, CNGR's economic indicators of growth speed, quality of growth, growth results have reached the unprecedented height, with the industry's further development, CNGR will firmly advance in "strategic internationalization, modernization of management, digitalized management and professionalized staff" of the four modernizations strategy, actively embrace the opportunities and challenges of the future.

        Tao Wu (bottom of screen) participated remotely and gave a report
        Tao Wu pointed out in his work report that currently the Indonesian base has set up a regional headquarters in Jakarta, and strives to transport high nickel matte to various industrial bases in the most reasonable way to ensure the good performance, quality, cost and ecological rationality of CNGR's precursor products at the source. In the future, the Indonesian base will expand the production line of nickel matte in time according to the needs of industrial development, and further increase the proportion of self-supply of raw materials.

        Subsequently, Hu Peihong introduced the work contents of the southern industrial base in the first half of the year in the application for approval and construction, safety and environment management, organizational construction and other aspects, and elaborated on the key construction goals of the second half of the year. In his work report, Peng Wanhong introduced the organization and construction of industrial bases in Indonesia and south China in detail, and encouraged the CNGR people in the new territory to have the courage to take responsibility and not be afraid of difficulties, and strive to become an indispensable backbone in the construction of new projects.

        At the end of the meeting, Deng Weiming delivered an important speech with the theme of "The Long March in the Carbon Neutral Era", which was divided into two chapters of "Looking back and looking forward". He mobilized and led all CNGR people to strengthen confidence and take active actions, always striving to create a new situation for the development of CNGR in the new era.

        Deng Weiming pointed out that the progress of the era and the development of the industry put forward higher requirements for the development speed, development scale and service level of CNGR. In the process of moving from the region to the world, CNGR must continuously create value with technology and products and transmit it out; always adhere to the "three-level support and service operation" system, and provide customers with a full process, multi-dimensional and comprehensive service guarantee in the rapidly changing market, thus creating value for all employees and the whole society.

       Deng Weiming said that in the process of CNGR's gradual move towards "fairness, justice, openness and sharing", all CNGR people should strive to combine theoretical knowledge, work experience and the current practical situation. The cadres should not only be leaders, but also "coaches", and at the same time, they should be good team members and "attendants", seriously play the role of "going to the mountains and going to the countryside", go into the workshop, go to the site, go deep into the front line, understand the front line, and lay a solid foundation for the next strategic upgrade of CNGR.

        Deng weiming stressed that new energy is an important means to achieve carbon neutrality, and all CNGR people must always keep fighting. With the construction of the southern industrial base and the Indonesian Business division, CNGR's development is about to enter the "no man's land". Only through continuous exploration in research and development, engineering and manufacturing, can CNGR calmly meet the upcoming new challenges.
        The era of carbon neutral is destined to be an era of competition between enterprises and countries. The competition will surely promote the progress of CNGR and the progress of the whole country's manufacturing capacity. Every CNGR person must think about how to be the winner in this big game, firmly believe in the power of knowledge and faith, adhere to the pursuit of the mind, firmly keep pace with the times, and walk with CNGR to the world at large with the spirit of "a million mighty troops crossing the river".

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