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      Southern Industrial Base Officially Starts Production, Creating a New Speed of CNGR

      2021-12-11 Pageviews:361
        The winter sun is warm, and a new journey starts. On December 10th, the launch ceremony of CNGR Southern Industrial Base was held in Qinzhou Port Economic and Technological Development Zone, Qinzhou City, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Lin, Guan, Secretary of the CPC Qinzhou Municipal Committee and Secretary of the Working Committee of Qinzhou Port Area of the Pilot FREE Trade Zone, attended the event and announced that the project had been put into operation. Wang,Xiongchang, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Qinzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor, and Director of the Administration Committee of Qinzhou Port Area of the Pilot Free Trade Zone, delivered a speech.

        The commissioning ceremony was presided over by Yang Bin, a standing Committee member of the Qinzhou Municipal Committee and Executive Deputy Director of the Qinzhou Port Area Management Committee of Guangxi Pilot Free Trade Zone. Xie, Bin, a team leader of Guangxi Industrial Revitalization Commissioners' Team in Qinzhou and Deputy Director of Investment Promotion Bureau of The Autonomous Region, and leaders of development and Reform Commission of The Autonomous Region, Oceanic Bureau, Qinzhou Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government, Municipal People's Congress, Municipal CPPCC, municipal government, and Qinzhou Port District Administration Committee attended the ceremony.
        Deng, Weiming, the Chairman and President of CNGR, Yang, Jinhong, the Chairman of Xiamen Xitungsten New Energy Materials Co., Ltd., Li, Jianzhong, the Chairman of Mining and Metallurgy Technology Group Co., Ltd., and Beijing Easpring Material Technology Co., Ltd., Xiang Qianxin, the General Manager of Guizhou Zhenhua Yilong New Materials Co., Ltd., Wu Xiaoge, the Executive Vice President of CNGR, Zhao, Zhenyuan, the chairman of Information Industry Electronics Eleventh Design and Research Institute Technology Engineering Co., LTD., and leaders from Beitrui, Rongbai Technology, Ruixiang New Materials, Hongma Technology, Tianjin Mengguri, Changyuan Lithium, Taifeng Pioneer, Jin Fuli and other representatives of enterprises attended the event.
        Building the World's Leading Green and Smart Factory
        Helping achieve the "double carbon" goal
        Backed by a new workshop completion, the commissioning ceremony site was solemn and festive. At the beginning of the ceremony, the leading guests on the scene reviewed the panorama of the base construction together with the documentary of the Southern Industrial Base, witnessing the great "CNGR speed" and "Qinzhou speed."
        On the first part of the ceremony, Deng Weiming, chairman and president of CNGR Shares, gave a speech. In his remarks, Mr. Deng firstly expressed his heartfelt thanks to the governments, customers, and partners who have cared for and supported the development of CNGR for a long time. After reviewing the Southern Industrial Base construction process, he said that CNGR shares would take root in Qinzhou and take full advantage of leading enterprises in the industry, gathering the latest technology of manufacturing technology and new energy materials.  He also promises to continue investing in human, material, and financial resources,  build the Southern Industrial Base into the world's leading green and intelligent factory and contribute to realizing the "double carbon" goal.
        Deng also said that when the Southern Industrial Base starts to produce, the annual output value will reach 18 billion yuan. Thus, The profits and taxes will exceed 1.5 billion yuan, which will drive industrial investment of hundreds of billions of yuan. The company will also make full use of the regional advantages of Qinzhou to build the Southern Industrial Base into the "Belt and Road" demonstration park, domestic and international double-cycle hub platform, and make more contributions to the construction of the magnificent Guangxi of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era.
        Then, Zhao, Zhenyuan, the chairman of Eleven Technology, delivered a speech on behalf of the construction party of the project. He said that he was very honored to cooperate with CNGR. The company attached great importance to the Southern Industrial Base project, selected elite workers and excellent leaders, adopted various leading technologies, built with high standards, and completed the stage construction task. Eleven Technology will continue to meet the remaining construction projects, make full efforts to ensure timely and quality delivery of projects, and create a model project.
        Helping Build Qinzhou into an Important Domestic and International Double-Cycle  Node Hub
        The Southern Industrial Base of CNGR Shares is another significant industrial base in China, following the Western Industrial Base of Tongren in Guizhou and the Central Industrial base of Ningxiang in Hunan. The company will take regional advantage of Qinzhou's coastal and port location to efficiently connect overseas industrial bases, accelerate the domestic and international double circulation, and realize the global coordination of the industrial chain.
        As one of the 21 crucial landmark projects and essential projects of building a significant domestic and international double-cycle node hub in Qinzhou, the formal operation of CNGR Southern Industrial Base will further promote the development of Qinzhou new energy battery materials industry, accelerate the construction of free trade pilot zone, and create a new highland of reform and opening up.
        It is reported that the project is so efficient that CNGR spent less than one year from signing to putting it into production in less than one year. CNGR is committed to creating a global green manufacturing bast of new energy materials here.
        On behalf of the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government, Wang, Xiongchang expressed congratulations on the operation of "CNGR Southern Industrial Base." He said: "The Southern Industrial base project of CNGR Shares is the leading project in Qinzhou's new energy battery material industry. It only took 255 days to put the first production line from construction in March this year into operation. It created a new speed of 'settled down in the same year, started construction in the same year and put into operation in the same year' in Qinzhou.
        The project's smooth operation marks that Qinzhou has officially opened up the whole industrial chain of new energy battery materials. It is of great significance to the city's construction of a new materials industry cluster of hundreds of billions and accelerates the realization of high-quality development.
        Wang, Xiongchang also stressed that all city departments should do excellent service guarantee work. And focus on building a big port, thriving industries, and constructing Binzhou city to continue to promote the construction of major projects with high efficiency and quality services. He hoped that the Southern Industrial Base project of CNGR Shares could build the world's most extensive manufacturing base for new battery precursor materials.
        Finally, Lin Guan, secretary of Qinzhou Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Qinzhou Port Area Working Committee of the pilot Free Trade Zone, came on stage and announced that "The southern industrial base of CNGR Shares was officially put into operation".
        Subsequently, the leaders and guests at the meeting pressed the start-off button together. The Southern Industrial Base ternary precursors workshop equipment started running, and the workshop was formally put into production. After the commissioning ceremony, the participating leaders visited the workshop. They felt the intelligence manufacturing strength of the new modern intelligent workshop.
        The first phase of the Southern Industrial Base project of CNGR Shares was officially launched on March 30, 2021, with a total investment of 10 billion yuan and an area of about 1500 mu. It will build a production capacity of 180,000 tons of ternary precursor materials and 120,000 tons of metal nickel and cobalt intermediate products processing and comprehensive recycling. The official operation of the Southern Industrial Base marks that CNGR has officially entered the "three bases" production era. CNGR will become the most valuable comprehensive service provider of new energy materials globally.

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