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      Chairman Deng Weiming's New Year message: The magnificent CNGR is walking on the road of prosperity.

      2022-01-01 Pageviews:304

        Chairman Deng Weiming's 2022 New Year message

        The year 2021 has bid farewell to all CNGR people banding and working hard together in the spirit of community, and the year 2022 is embracing us with fresh hope. Its dawn light will soon shine far and wide on the majestic map where we have grown up for generations. My colleagues and I were now in Indonesia, the first stop of CNGR overseas, looking at our motherland from afar.

        In this beautiful season of bidding farewell to the old and welcoming the new, on behalf of CNGR, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks and best wishes to party committees and governments at all levels, customers, partners, financial institutions, investors, media friends, all CNGR cadres, employees and their families who are in company with one another!

        If time can go back, I think most people will marvel at the development of CNGR today; If the future can be crossed, I wonder what people will think of CNGR's rapidly developing and far-reaching 2021 decades later. Looking back and looking far from the threshold of the New Year, our country took the lead in breaking through the epidemic and achieving positive growth in the global depressed economic environment; Our CNGR is constantly refreshing its own speed and industry height on the road to becoming the most valuable integrated service provider of new energy materials in the world.

        Over the past year, CNGR people have been firm in their faith and have been striding forward, and the troika has started the "new long March" in the era of carbon neutrality. The southern industrial base was born, realizing the remarkable miracle of "settling down, starting and putting into production" in the same year. Thousands of CNGR people and builders were fast, steady and confident, and it took only 255 days to create a precedent for industrial engineering construction.With the official launch of the southern industrial base in Qinzhou, Guangxi, the central and western industrial bases have been rapidly improved and constructed, and the "troika" keeps pace with each other. With rock-solid confidence and the momentum to seize the day, we will walk hand in hand on the new long march in the era of "carbon neutrality".

        Over the past year, CNGR people have continued to work hard to improve the upstream and downstream "chain belt" through globalization strategy. The progress of the times and the improvement of the industry have put forward higher requirements on the development speed, scale and service level of CNGR. This year, with the signing of projects in Indonesia, South Korea and Finland, CNGR has continued to accelerate the global industry chain synergy, accelerating the overseas layout and building up strong core competitiveness. In moving from regional to global, the company provides customers with a full-process, multi-dimensional ,and comprehensive service guarantee with technology and products as a link and creates more value with its position as an industry pioneer.

        Over the past year, CNGR people have been working hard and forging ahead to win one core technology "battle" after another. In 2021, the number of R&D personnel increased nearly 1 times and the R&D expenditure increased 170% year-on-year in the first three quarters; the technical team completed thousands of new projects in the field of precursors and made major breakthroughs in new processes developed independently; a larger R&D pilot plant is about to be completed;  the scientific research leaders attended the National Science Association Congress, bearing in mind the General Secretary's mandate to resolutely win the battle of crucial core technologies in the industry and celebrate the centennial of the Party with excellent results.

        Over the past year, CNGR people have been building up their strengths, riding the waves and focusing on long-term strategies to consolidate the capital market "moat". Since its listing, CNGR has continued to receive attention and respect from investors. In September this year, CNGR was ranked high in the list of "Top 500 Global Advanced Energy Companies 2021" published by China Energy News, and became one of the fastest-growing companies in the industry. In the future, we will continue to maintain our technological leadership, deepen our industrial integration and product specialization, and build a global integrated and synergistic industrial layout from the upstream resource end, midstream precursor manufacturing to downstream recycling,  to ride the waves in the era of competition.

        Our country is renewing itself with each passing day, along with it CNGR is flourishing anew. In the face of a century of changes, and looking forward to the gradual unfolding of the grand blueprint of the "14th Five-Year Plan", CNGR'development is embracing its best opportunity and duty-bound. Let us stay confident and resilient to cope with all risks and challenges, base ourselves on the new development stage, implement new development concepts, integrate into the new development pattern, seek progress while maintaining stability, strive for innovation, devote ourselves to the development of advanced energy, build a better life for mankind, and "endeavouring for our dreams, brainstorming for our dreams, and sprinting for our dreams" in 2022.

        I wish you all good health, a smooth career, and happiness for your family in the new year!

        CNGR Advanced Material Co., ltd
        Chairman and President Deng Weiming
        New Year's Day in 2022

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