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      Spreading CNGR Culture and Displaying Brand Image

      Embrace the global and race to the new journey " CNGR held the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting

      2022-02-18 Pageviews:219

        We still need the strength of a bull to build a great career and the power of a tiger to develop our ambitions. On February 16, CNGR held the 2021 annual summary and commendation meeting to grandly commend the outstanding team and advanced individuals who have performed outstandingly and achieved excellent results in various company work in the past year. The General Assembly called on all the leading cadres to take the advanced models as examples, to take the attitude of strivers and entrepreneurs, to put themselves into the new journey of CNGR with pride, and to contribute to the company's becoming a highly respected, sustainable development, high-tech-oriented diversified enterprise.

        Deng Weiming, Chairman of CNGR, and more than 200 leading cadres and core employees from various group business divisions attended the conference.

        At the conference, Mr. Liao Hengxing, Assistant to President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of CNGR, made the 2021 annual work report entitled "New Situation | Cool and Collected | Fresh Breakthroughs | Precision Targeting | Cohesive Exertion | Fruitful Harvesting". In 2021, guided by high-quality development, the company adhered to the synchronization of stability and efficiency improvement, paid equal attention to service and management, and comprehensively and orderly promoted operation and production.We made overall plans to stabilize the main business, prevent risks, emphasize management, and maintained a steady development momentum.

        In Indonesia's industrial base, Tao Wu, the vice president of CNGR, made a 2022 work plan report entitled "2022 Great Opportunity Year" through a video link. He stressed that 2022 would be an essential year for the company to reach a higher peak. We should seize the market with the best technology, the highest quality,and the largest scale and solve development problems . At the same time, all CNGR people should insist on the goal and not relax, build a pioneering management team, do all the work in a down-to-earth manner and make new contributions to the high-quality development of the company.

        Subsequently, the conference commended CNGR's advanced collectives and individuals in 2021.Nearly 100 individuals and teams from various business divisions won awards, including "Excellent First-class Department, Excellent Second-class Department, Excellent Team/Project Department, Strivers and Outstanding Contribution Award".  Tao Wu, vice president of CNGR, won the "Outstanding Contribution Award". CNGR's western industrial base, southern industrial base and quality management center were rated as "excellent first-class departments".

        Liu Junwen, general manager of Zhongjia Intelligent, is the guest of the "Excellent Team/Project Department"

        Wei Xiaoou, general manager of Honglin Construction, is the guest of the "Excellent Second-class Department"

      Wu Xiaoge, executive vice president of CNGR, pres ents the award for "Excellent  First-class Department"

      Deng Weiming, Chairman of CNGR, presents the award to the winner of "Outstanding Contribution Award"

        Finally, Deng Weiming delivered his annual speech with the theme of " By and only by full exertion", pointing out the direction and setting out requirements for the future development of CNGR with four themes of "Seize opportunities with far-sightedness", "Seek transformation with determination, "Concentrate on development with cohesion" and "Boost corporate culture with confidence".

        Deng Weiming pointed out that from 1992 to 2022, CNGR completed the leap from 0 to 30 billion yuan. Embarking from this height, CNGR should benchmark against international top enterprises and strive to "become a highly respected, sustainable and high-tech-oriented diversified enterprise".

        It is an era that abounds with precious opportunities, where the third energy revolution and the fourth industrial revolution overlap, where new technologies will drive profound changes in economy, society and industry globally. The real economy in China is highly valued and cherished by the Party and government. Backdropped by social transformation and funded by the substantial capital market, they embrace unprecedentedly  good opportunities and maximize their core competitiveness. The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation is becoming a powerful driving force for the globalization of Chinese enterprises. CNGR is to grasp these "four opportunities" and take advantage of them to the fullest.

        Deng Weiming said that CNGR had reached a crucial period. We should steadfastly focus on "industrial upgrade, space upgrade, concept upgrade and faith upgrade" to transform from traditional industries to high-tech-oriented modern industries, from a regional enterprise to an global enterprise. We should change our concept from earning value to creating and sharing value, be firm in our political stance, and respect scientific practice. Development is the key to all problem solutions. All CNGR people should adhere to and derive benefits from high-speed and high-quality development. All divisions should make concerted efforts to balance development and risk judiciously; thus, industrial synergy eventually evolves into a sound ecology to allow for smooth and speedy development.

        Deng Weiming concluded by highlighting that culture is the soul of an enterprise and that CNGR's corporate culture is that of entrepreneurs, driven by dreams and passion; it is the culture of strivers, believing in unity and hard work. It is the culture of pragmatists, adhering to science and practice; it is the culture of self-discipline, advocating "propriety, justice, and integrity". It is the spiritual belief and code of conduct for all CNGR people and the fundamental guarantee for the long-term sustainable development of CNGR.

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