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      International Staff| Kris: Appetite for Knowledge and Expand the Market

      2022-05-14 Pageviews:28
        In the process of the internationalization strategy, CNGR has attracted talents from all over the world, from technology research and development to production management, from market development to comprehensive service......They work hard in different positions.
        They come from different counties and speak different languages, but they work together towards the same goal. We will launch a series of special topics called “International Staff” to learn the stories of foreign employees in CNGR.

        As an important and massive market, the Europe market gathers many top enterprises and industry talents in the world. With the advent of the new energy era, it has become the forefront position for CNGR to internationalize.

        Dr Krzysztof Jerzy Maranski, a senior sales manager for the European operations centre, is the first CNGR’s foreign staff in Europe. Although he hasn’t visited China since joining CNGR a year ago, he feels his colleagues overseas fighting alongside him and encouraging him to exploit the Europe market.
        No End for Learning| From R&D to project development manager
        Since school, Kris from Poland has shown an intense curiosity for science, laying a solid foundation for his long-term academic career and entry into the new materials industry. After graduating in chemistry and technology of polymers from Wroc?aw University of Technology (Poland) in 2006, Kris moved to the UK to work in a medical device development company as a new materials development engineer.
        “It was a challenging and rewarding time, and I seemed to have become more greedy for academic.” Kris told the writer that he decided to take a break from his career and go back to university after learning more and more about his profession.

        Therefore, in February 2008, Kris went to St Andrews University, one of the top universities in the UK, and one of the world’s most prestigious in the field of chemistry, to pursue a PhD in battery materials. His tutor is Prof. Peter Bruce, a fellow of Britain’s Royal Society, who has led a team that has made breakthrough in several areas, including all-solid-statue sodium batteries. After obtaining his doctoral and postdoctoral degrees, Kris continued to work in the research team.

        After returning from the academy, Kris continued to work in a multinational enterprise engaged in technology R&D. He has officially entered the cathode material precursor industries. With the improvement of the post and horizons, he successfully transforms from an R&D engineer to an outstanding project manager with a professional background in the li-ion battery.
        In 2020, Kris knew CNGR on the recommendation of others. At that time, CNGR was in a period of rapid development of overseas business. Hence, CNGR needed to recruit a representative of the European region with both business and professional backgrounds. “It seems to be a great opportunity for me because CNGR’s global strategy is also potential for me,” Kris said.
        Expand the Market|To be the cornerstone of CNGR’s development in Europe
        In 2021, Kris joined CNGR and quickly threw himself into the work. “The new energy market in Europe develops rapidly. CNGR must expand the market in Europe to keep advantages in the competition in the future.” Kris said. As the first person of CNGR in Europe, Kris devoted himself to work immediately. He started to do many market pieces of research and build up industrial relationships though office supplies hadn’t been ready yet.
        Because of the time difference, Kris sometimes needs to communicate with colleagues in China late at night. Still, he seriously participates in every business meeting with single-hearted devotion.
        With years of accumulated experience and industry knowledge, Kris and other colleagues quickly established CNGR’s brand in the European lithium industry. More and more European customers inquire him for information about CNGR.

        Kris is good at introducing this new energy leading enterprise from China to customers in his own unique, professional and comprehensive way. Meanwhile, the project development department also has a deeper understanding of the local industry rules and operation mode in Europe during the cooperation and communication with Kris. It lays a solid foundation for the following industrial layout of CNGR in Europe.

        “If I have a chance, I’d like to come to China to meet my colleagues and enjoy special Chinese food.” Kris feels pity that he hasn’t had an opportunity to come to China yet since joining CNGR. Still, he also felt pleasure in visiting Finland for an investigation with a team of the European team in December last year.
        A few months ago, CNGR signed a Shareholders’ Agreement with a subsidiary of Finnish Minerals Group to build a production base for high nickel ternary precursor in Finland. This time, Kris accompanied the delegation to Finland to conduct in-depth cooperation negotiations with local enterprises and visited the future partner’s equipment and production lines.
        “I truly believe that CNGR is making a real contribution to the global transition to renewable energy, and I am proud to be part of this journey. I hope that my efforts will grow the CNGR business in Europe and beyond. I trust that I will have the honour to lead a CNGR European Team one day!” Kris said.
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