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      Spreading CNGR Culture and Displaying Brand Image

      Magdalena Veronika|Act in the unity of knowledge and action with the professional attitude of a doctor

      2022-04-16 Pageviews:16
        In the process of the internationalization strategy, CNGR has attracted talents from all over the world, from technology research and development to production management, from market development to comprehensive service......They work hard in different positions.
        They come from different counties and speak different languages, but they work together towards the same goal. We will launch a series of special topics called “International Staff” to learn the stories of foreign employees in CNGR. 
        The international headquarters of CNGR in Jakarta, Indonesia, is the bridgehead of CNGR’ s future global development. It has attracted many talents from different countries since its establishment.

        Magdalena Veronika is one of them. She has led the team to carry out various works to ensure the project's progress with her years of local mining projects since joining CNGR in September last year. She meets the challenges, overcomes difficulties, and contributes to accelerating the CNGR's internationalization process with the whole international headquarters team and the industrial base team.

        Transform career from medicine to mine| Encounter with CNGR

        Veronika comes from the Riau Islands, one of the sea borderline along Malacca Strait in Indonesia. As the third generation of Local Chinese, she learned a lot about Chinese Culture from her grandfather. After graduating with honours from the State-owned University of Indonesia, she worked at a local non-commercial hospital.

        "If nothing had happened, I would have stayed in medicine, but fate is something you never know," Veronika says. She explains that she learned about some mining projects when she worked as a part-time translator for some foreign entrepreneurs and senior professors. The experience sparked her curiosity and interest in the mining industry.

        "There was a light in their eyes when they talked about mineral resources, which interested me in the industry." Veronika realized it would be a massive opportunity for her future career. Because of her outstanding professional skills and learning ability, her employer appreciated her. She became a joint venture member in a local nickel mine project.

        Since 2020, the COVID-19 epidemic has swept Southeast Asia, affecting all industries. However, whether upstream mining or downstream smelting, the entire mineral industry chain remains firm and operational and becomes the "wheel" of the development of Indonesia.

        During this period, as an executant of the project at that time, Veronika worked from one island to another, seeking new opportunities. She became a veritable expert in the industry after experiencing more and more project practice. In April 2021, the first Indonesian team of CNGR arrived in Indonesia. Two months later, Veronika became acquainted with CNGR in a business investigation group and joined CNGR in September.

        Observe and overcome every difficulty

        After becoming a member of CNGR, Veronika helped the team overcome difficulties in constructing the CNGR Indonesia industrial base with her years of accumulated experience. Besides, she also provides services and solves problems for her colleagues under her local knowledge of language, culture, laws and policies.

        For example, as soon as Veronika joined CNGR, she took the significant task of securing the issuance of a particular permit which allowed the first equipment dispatch from China to Indonesia. She had to complete this work in three months. It involves a series of processes, including design, procurement, and logistics. It was undoubtedly difficult for the whole overseas team of CNGR just established at that time and for Veronika, who had just joined the company.

        "The transition is short, and I must be strictly goal-oriented to have a chance of getting ahead," Veronika recalled. She had to immediately adapt, quickly understand the task, cooperate with the various unfamiliar departments, and work non-stop at high intensity. Finally, with the unremitting efforts of multiple parties, Veronika and her team successfully obtained the permit in advance. It laid a solid foundation for the subsequent project construction of the industrial base.

        “For traditional Chinese medicine, observing, hearing, inquiring, and cutting are the guidelines, and we should follow similar methods and principles in our work.” Veronika said that in the initial stage of the current project, only by placing herself completely on the site and working on every inch of land in the industrial base, can she understands the needs of various teams such as engineering and production and provides good services, to achieve success.

        "When I first entered this industry, what attracted me was the glistening eyes of others when they talked about mineral resources. What attracts me now is CNGR's dedication to the new energy industry and its lofty ideal to promote the development of human society in the future." Veronika admitted that the corporate culture of CNGR profoundly influences her and she determines to share the same resonance with her colleagues with the attitude of unity of knowledge and action. She will overcome all the "impossible" in future with the same spirit and belief.
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