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      Sustainable Development

      Technology promotes green development and innovation creates a sustainable future

      Leader’s Message

      The human economic society is developing at an unprecedented rate. CNGR has always been on the sustainable development path of coexistence with the environment and social co-prosperity, and continues to promote smart living and green ecological cycles for the benefit of the global society.

      As a professional integrated service provider of advanced energy materials for lithium batteries, CNGR has been in business for 30 years. With the initial dream of promoting the country through industry, we have explored and practiced time and again, with persistent efforts to achieve CNGRs transformation and upgrading. We are aware that our achievements today cannot be made without the efforts of our staff, the dedication of our supply chain partners, the trust of our customers and the support of the community. We have always been grateful to them and sincerely reciprocate.

      Nowadays, coinciding with the intersection of the third energy revolution and the fourth industrial revolution, a series of advanced technologies and achievements have been applied. Advanced energy, digitalisation and intelligence have become the updated engines of development. More than 130 countries and regions around the world have announced the goal of a low-carbon green community. We will always take the mission of "devoting ourselves to the development of advanced energy and building a better life for mankind", and contribute our strength to the global advanced energy business.

      Chairman and President of CNGR Advanced Materials Co.

      Organization Hierarchy

      Organization Hierarchy

      Sustainable Development Goals

      Responsible Supply Chain

      To live up to the expectations and requirements of responsible behaviour in terms of human rights, health and safety, and environmental protection for ourselves and our supply chain.

      Focus on Climate Change

      Focusing on the risks of global climate change and working with supply chain partners to drive a green, low-carbon economy

      Circular Economy

      Promoting green and circular development, balancing economic development and ecological protection

      Compliance and Integrity

      Creating good market order, maintaining social justice and building a sound compliance management system

      Putting People First

      Respecting the rights and interests of employees, caring for their development and participating in community building

      ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) Report

      Sustainable Development Practices

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      Contact us

      Public mailbox:cngr@cngrgf.com.cn
      Address:New Energy Industrial Park in Western China, Dalong Economic Development Zone, Yuping county, Tongren city, Guizhou

      CNGR Advanced Material Co., Ltd.
      Technical Support:Jingwang Smart Win  Sitemap  Business license

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